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Anastasia 42"

Doll collectors and Rustie lovers will want this one of a kind, original by the world renoun Rustie.  This doll is 42", gown, hat and accessories all made by Rustie. She is also signed on the right side of neck by her. Long curly black hair, blue eyes, her gown is black sequences, with white mink trim. Matching materials on hat with black turkey feathers. This doll is just gorgeous.  Comes with COA, orginial box.  $2400.00

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42" Pandora

Here is another Rustie one of a kind original. Pandora's gown is gold sequences, her jacket is fox fur and same on hat. All jewelry is done by Rustie.  She is signed on the right side of neck by Rustie.    She is 42 " tall. Comes with COA and original box.  $2400.00

34' Camden

For those who prefer a smaller doll, Camden is a one of a kind Rustie original, 34" tall.  Her gown is white satin and white tutle with stretch beading overlay, with red fox trim. Her hat is a different style with the box top, same material as the dress covers hat with red fox trim and a long flowing veil edged with white pearls. This is a very unique doll. Black, long curly hair and blue eyes makes for a stunning doll. She is signed on the right side of neck by Rustie. Comes with COA and in original box.  $850.00

34" Silver Bell

Another of Rustie's one of a kind original beauty's.  Silver Bell is 34" tall, her gown is light purple satin, with tutlee ruffle at bottom of gown. Trimmed in mink at top of dress and cuffs, hat as well. This is a beautiful doll and perfect for collectors. She is signed on the right side of neck by Rustie, comes with COA and in original box. $850.00

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